Are we all God’s Children?

Many people hold the view that we are all God's children, but does the bible say this? Is this truly a biblical idea? The simple answer is no. However, God does offer all of us the opportunity to become a part of his amazing family.

“Why is a Sacrifice Needed?”

The usual view of God is that he is an "all-powerful" deity that can do anything. This includes forgiving sins. So then why is a sacrifice needed in the Bible to do this very thing? To some, this goes against the all-powerful nature of God, but does it really? The Bible tells a different story. The focus here isn't on what God can or can't do, but rather what humanity DID, what they now NEED to do based on what they did, and how God FIXES it.

“Why does God allow evil to exist?”

A common question posed towards Christians is, “If There is an all-loving, all-knowing God, why does he allow evil and suffering to exist?” I quickly examine this question in light of what the Bible says in order to shed some light on it.