Purpose of the Site

I’ve always been interested in different cultures, languages, and religions aside from mine. Recently I’ve been delving more into the Bible and have had the opportunity to talk to a variety of people with differing beliefs. I hope to use this site to share my thoughts on Bible topics such as prophecy, eschatology, and comparing different religions in light of the Bible all to start a conversation, simply because I enjoy it.

Part of what I eventually aim to do is answer questions I’ve gotten when talking to people from other beliefs such as “How could a loving God allow violence to happen?”, “Why do you think the Bible is valid/credible?”, “What’s the purpose of God dying for humanity?” and so on. I also want to shed light into prophecy and recent events occurring in the world in light of what is written in the Bible.

Why “Himitsu”?

Himitsu is a Japanese word that means “secret” which I felt matches the “theme” of Proverbs 25:2 – of something being concealed. I chose a Japanese word specifically due to my love for the language and culture.