The Rise of AI & A Race to Digital Identities

As the world advances in human-like AI technology and strives towards universal "digital identities", we seem to be headed towards a future dominated by AI and ruled by those who hold their citizen's personal data. Does the bible foretell of this type of future; a future of a global world system that has total control of the earth's inhabitants and an intelligent AI being that has power to kill?

Prelude to the Mark of the Beast? II

Thousands of people in Sweden opt to get chipped as their society turns to a cashless one. UK employers are also thinking about chipping their employees but this does come with its privacy concerns. Are we seeing the beginning of what the bible tells us will eventually be the mark of the beast system?

Current Events (October 17th – 31st, 2018)

Catch up to current events of the second half of October 2018; continued talks of Trump's Middle East Peace plan with France wanting to join in, news of Russia and China preparing for war, Venice, Italy facing unprecedented flooding, 2 school girls plot to kill their classmates and drink their blood all in the name of satan and more.

Current Events (October 1st – 16th, 2018)

Catch up to current events of the first half of October 2018; continued talks of Trump's Middle East Peace plan, Russia delivers S-300 systems to Syria, Indonesia faces a tsunami-earthquake-volcano natural disaster trio while the US gets hit by hurricane Michael - an "unprecedented" Cat 4 storm.

Watchmen on the Wall

We are a blessed generation that is witnessing the words of the prophets come to life and experiencing things previous generations could only dream to see. We're currently living in a period of time where many prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled daily and are setting up for their near and future fulfillments. We are born for such a time as this. However, as Christians what do we then do with this information? Do we keep it to ourselves and hide in our homes or sound the "alarm" of the events to come?

Being Watchful

Several times in the bible, we're commanded to be watchful - watchful of the times we're living in and the many signs accompanying these times. But what does it really mean to be watchful and how does this affect our outlook of life as followers of Christ?

Prelude to the Mark of the Beast?

China has recently began a pilot program they call a "social credit" system which they aim to use to monitor every aspect of their 1.4 billion citizens' lives. Meanwhile, a Wisconsin based company is making human implantable chips used to buy snacks, open doors and has GPS capabilities. Could we be seeing the making of the mark of the beast system written about in Revelation 13?

Current Events (September 16th – 30th, 2018)

Catch up to current events of the second half of September 2018; escalation between Russia and Israel as Russia blames Israel for a recently downed plane in Syria killing 15 prompting Russia to send advanced weaponry, increased hurricane and earthquake activity, China's chilling social credit system aimed to monitor every aspect of its 1.4 billion citizens' lives, and much more.

Red Heifer born in Israel signaling “final stage of redemption”

In late August a red heifer was born in Israel and marked a significant turning point for efforts surrounding the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, paving the way for rituals and sacrifices in Israel again after more than 2,000 years.

Current Events (September 1st – 15th, 2018)

Catch up to current events of the first half of September 2018; middle east peace plan to be presented later in the month, Russia, Syria, and Turkey taking military action in Idlib, the Pacific and Atlantic suddenly "explode" with tropical storm activity and more.

Examining Prophecy: The Two Witnesses

Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that the prophecies written in it are also from a divine source - God. However, many people only see the Bible as a historical text with no modern day value. My goal is to see what its author is claiming or trying to express to us - the readers - in light of the historical context and extra-biblical sources.

Current Events (August 17th – 31st, 2018)

Catch up to current events of the last half of August 2018; middle east peace plan to be presented in September, Russia's largest military exercise in the midst of increasing tensions in Syria, Hawaii hit by hurricane Lane, increase in earthquakes and more.