Here you can find my commentary on current events that have prophetic significance. My goal with these commentaries is to share my thoughts on the significance of world events in a relatively short article while also offering sources to help you deepen your understanding of the topic. For a broader look at current events and bible prophecy, keep up with current events on my site. If you’re looking for an in-depth look check out my series examining prophecy.


  1. Red Heifer born in Israel signaling “final stage of redemption” (September 22nd, 2018) – In late August a red heifer was born in Israel and marked a significant turning point for efforts surrounding the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, paving the way for rituals and sacrifices in Israel again after more than 2,000 years.
  2. Prelude to the Mark of the Beast? (October 5th, 2018) – China has recently began a pilot program they call a “social credit” system which they aim to use to monitor every aspect of their 1.4 billion citizens’ lives. Meanwhile, a Wisconsin based company is making human implantable chips used to buy snacks, open doors and has GPS capabilities. Could we be seeing the making of the mark of the beast system written about in Revelation 13?
  3. Being Watchful (October 11th, 2018) – Several times in the bible, we’re commanded to be watchful – watchful of the times we’re living in and the many signs accompanying these times. But what does it really mean to be watchful and how does this affect our outlook of life as followers of Christ?
  4. Watchmen on the Wall (October 17th) – We are a blessed generation that is witnessing the words of the prophets come to life and experiencing things previous generations could only dream to see. We’re currently living in a period of time where many prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled daily and are setting up for their near and future fulfillments. We are born for such a time as this. However, as Christians what do we then do with this information? Do we keep it to ourselves and hide in our homes or sound the “alarm” of the events to come?
  5. Israel – God’s Fig Tree (October 23rd) – One of the many signs accompanying the “end of this age” is the rebirth of the nation of Israel 70 years ago in 1948. In Matthew 24:32-34, Jesus gives a parable about a fig tree – Israel. He likens the appearance of leaves on the tree to events that will precede his return, but who is “this” generation that saw the fig tree bud and what does it mean for our current time?