Research the Bible before denying it’s Validity!

A much needed article for both skeptics of the bible and followers of Christ who are “asleep”. Don’t just listen to me and your Christian neighbor down the street, research this stuff for yourself. Test these things. If people are saying prophecy is being fulfilled, don’t just dismiss it but look into it. See if there’s truth to what they’re saying, and if not, you know how to better weed through the lies and misconceptions.

End Time Bible Prophecy

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Mystery Babylon

Usually when mystery Babylon is mentioned we think of the Vatican, America, or Rome as highly probable candidates. However, this article presents a differing point of view solely based on what the Bible says. Very interesting read.

End Times Study

Before I begin I want to say it is truly funny how things happen.

A week ago I had an entirely different candidate for Mystery Babylon.

I was fully prepared to write a blog about America being Mystery Babylon. I believed I was simply waiting for a few pieces I didnt understand to line up.

It’s very curious too because an atheist friend of mine actually showed me the flaws when I was discussing it with him. Yes I said atheist, sometimes the best critiques are skeptics.

But for some reason or another I kept putting this blog off. I even wrote others in meantime so free time wasnt an issue.

I’ll wrap this up but I truly believe God delayed me posting the blog because as I went through more verses after discussing with my friend, I realized I had been missing some pieces and possibly would have been…

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The Destruction of Damascus Revisited

Excerpt: Almost exactly one year ago (April 22, 2017), I published a post on the coming total destruction of Damascus. I wrote this right after the Syrian government used chemical weapons to kill innocent people, including women and children. 1,039 more words via The Destruction of Damascus Revisited — Comfort One Another

Tensions in the Middle East Escalate!

Excerpt: World tensions are ever-increasing as we get closer to the return of Jesus Christ to earth.  Tensions in the Middle East and especially aggression towards the state of Israel are escalating each day.  Not only do we see aggression from Islamic nations but also from Russia and Iran, two big players in the war spoken of in the bible, the Ezekiel 38 war, the war of Gog and Magog.

End Time Bible Prophecy

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