Dead Sea Coming Back to Life

The dead sea is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water with a salinity of 34.2%, it is 9.6 times as salty as the ocean making it a very harsh environment where plants and animals can’t flourish or even survive. It borders Israel, Jordan, and the West bank. However, recently there has been reports of vegetation and small fish swimming in sinkholes on the shores of the dead sea baffling scientists. This isn’t only an important scientific discovery in our modern time but it’s the beginning of the fulfillment of a prophecy in Ezekiel 47,

“Then he said to me: ‘This water flows toward the eastern region, goes down into the valley, and enters the sea. When it reaches the sea, its waters are healed. And it shall be that every living thing that moves, wherever the rivers go, will live. There will be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters go there; for they will be healed, and everything will live wherever the river goes. It shall be that fishermen will stand by it from En Gedi to En Eglaim; they will be places for spreading their nets. Their fish will be of the same kinds as the fish of the Great Sea, exceedingly many.'” (Ezekiel 47:8-10)

Breaking News Israel writes, “Others who have witnessed life in the Dead Sea have similarly pointed to prophecy. In 2016, a Breaking Israel News story about signs of the Dead Sea coming to life went viral, garnering more than a quarter million views. At the time, the presence of fish and other wildlife in the brackish waters of the sinkholes surrounding the Dead Sea went largely unnoticed by the scientific community. The phenomenon was brought to the public’s attention by a remarkable young Jewish immigrant to Israel named Samantha Siegel who visited the isolated location to meditate. Siegel is still connected to the site and continues to see prophecy unfolding in the brackish waters surrounding the Dead Sea.”

The dead sea coming back to life is truly a remarkable sign of the times we’re living in. It’s another confirmation of the infallibility of God’s word as it claims a body of water incapable of life will one day be abundant with it. I’m sure many skeptics of the bible have read Ezekiel 47:8-10 only to mock what it says as it seems it go against basic science. However, the tables have turned and the bible seems to have gotten something right again, “Indeed, the existence of fish in the Dead Sea, a reality that seems to contradict the laws of nature, has been explained by science and Biblical prophecy alike. On the shores of the Dead Sea – more than 400 meters below sea level – are freshwater sinkholes, created as a result of dropping water levels. These large sinkholes were discovered in 2011, carpeted with microorganisms and on the sea’s shores – fish and algae.”

Coincidence? I personally do not believe so but I encourage you to do your research on this as well as many other prophesies in the bible. Here is a link to my other commentaries on current events and how it fits into bible prophecy.

If you’re skeptical about bible prophecy I also encourage you to visit the below links to deepen your understanding.

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Time’s short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Accept Christ today!


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Ayo is a determined blogger striving to use his insights and God given talents to share the Gospel. Through his blog, he aspires to point skeptics of the bible to the truth of the Gospel using apologetics. His goal is to also inform others - both believer and non-believer - regarding the times we're living in preceding the Lord's soon return, through the study of prophecy. He hopes to both inform his readers with facts, equip them with tools to communicate the Gospel, and offer hope and encouragement through God's Word.

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