Research the Bible before denying it’s Validity!

A much needed article for both skeptics of the bible and followers of Christ who are “asleep”. Don’t just listen to me and your Christian neighbor down the street, research this stuff for yourself. Test these things. If people are saying prophecy is being fulfilled, don’t just dismiss it but look into it. See if there’s truth to what they’re saying, and if not, you know how to better weed through the lies and misconceptions.

End Time Bible Prophecy

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Ayo is a determined blogger striving to use his insights and God given talents to share the Gospel. Through his blog, he aspires to point skeptics of the bible to the truth of the Gospel using apologetics. His goal is to also inform others - both believer and non-believer - regarding the times we're living in preceding the Lord's soon return, through the study of prophecy. He hopes to both inform his readers with facts, equip them with tools to communicate the Gospel, and offer hope and encouragement through God's Word.

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