Craving for the Lord

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” (Psalm 34:8)

I enjoy food, all types of food: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, you name it and I’ll try it. It’s not just a source of nourishment for me but almost a past time as well. It’s an experience I crave to have when possible and I’m sure many of us can relate. However, do we crave to experience God in the same way? Like we pursue food on a daily basis either for basic survival or as a means of sharing an experience with others, do we as believers crave to experience God in a similar fashion? A book I recently read, Craving: Having a Godly Hunger and Thirst by Daniel R. Tichota gets to the heart of this very question.


Here is the synopsis of the book:

Have you ever thought to consider just how hungry and thirsty you really are? I find myself in these times desperate for something to eat and drink to take away these uneasy feelings happening inside of me. I have come to see, though, that just as my physical body hungers and thirsts, so does my spirit man. The food I am eating doesn’t seem to fill all of me. What I have been craving is not sweet, salty, or spicy food, but rather God. My spirit has been craving something deeper, something that last more than just a few minutes on the lips and a lifetime on the hips. And perhaps this is the same craving you have been having. It is easy to fill our bodies with food because we know we need to. Our survival depends on it. Yet we must not neglect our spirits, for they too depend on food and drink. Our spirits too are hungry, craving the flavors of God. Our spirits too are thirsty, craving the refreshment of God. So then we must ask of ourselves, do we desire to taste and see just how good God really is. It is time to fill your stomach with God’s goodness. It is time to drink deep of His water. Come on. You know you want to, so ahead…indulge in God.

Daniel explores scripture and shows our constant need of being filled by God’s Word and the benefit of pursuing a relationship with God. As a researcher, I appreciated the fact that he went the extra mile to explain some terms referencing the original Hebrew and Greek, adding an extra layer of cultural context when needed. He also does a great job highlighting people such as Job and David and their unwavering need and pursuit of God in their lives and shows us how we can model their behavior in our lives.

Craving causes us to asses ourselves and ask questions such as, are we hungering for God? Do we make God number one in our lives or do we chase after other things of the world? Are we actually malnourished (spiritually)? As you go through his book, you’ll be asked these types of questions and at the end of each chapter you’re given a moment to pause and reflect over what you read allowing you to apply it to your life as well. Whether you’re a believer that’s new to the faith or you’ve been walking with the Lord for a longer period of time, Craving will challenge and encourage you. It’ll show you where you may lack and where God shows his goodness and favor, especially when we thirst and hunger for him. It takes us on a quick 77 page journey into new and exciting territory in scripture that leaves a lasting impact. The food and drink this world has to offer only fills us for a short while, but what God has to offer lasts forever. So, “come, taste and see how good the Lord truly is”.

If you’re interested in buying this book, navigate to the link below for further details. I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of the book by the author and was blessed by it. For more details on the author and his ministry, visit his blog as well.

  1. Craving: Having a Godly Hunger and Thirst (Spiritual Growth Series) (Volume 1)

  2. On the Vanguard – Author’s blog

“Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” (John 4:13-14)

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Ayo is a determined blogger striving to use his insights and God given talents to share the Gospel. Through his blog, he aspires to point skeptics of the bible to the truth of the Gospel using apologetics. His goal is to also inform others - both believer and non-believer - regarding the times we're living in preceding the Lord's soon return, through the study of prophecy. He hopes to both inform his readers with facts, equip them with tools to communicate the Gospel, and offer hope and encouragement through God's Word.

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