Mystery Babylon

Usually when mystery Babylon is mentioned we think of the Vatican, America, or Rome as highly probable candidates. However, this article presents a differing point of view solely based on what the Bible says. Very interesting read.

End Times Study

Before I begin I want to say it is truly funny how things happen.

A week ago I had an entirely different candidate for Mystery Babylon.

I was fully prepared to write a blog about America being Mystery Babylon. I believed I was simply waiting for a few pieces I didnt understand to line up.

It’s very curious too because an atheist friend of mine actually showed me the flaws when I was discussing it with him. Yes I said atheist, sometimes the best critiques are skeptics.

But for some reason or another I kept putting this blog off. I even wrote others in meantime so free time wasnt an issue.

I’ll wrap this up but I truly believe God delayed me posting the blog because as I went through more verses after discussing with my friend, I realized I had been missing some pieces and possibly would have been…

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Babylon

  1. Outstanding evaluation! I could find no fault with anything you said and believe it very well fits the Mystery Babylon narrative. I personally pray the pre-Trib Rapture occurs so I won’t be one of the ones bemoaning its destruction!


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